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Your patients deserve the highest quality of
custom-shaded cases.

Haven Aesthetics specializes in making high-end custom-shaded cases for dentists who want truly the best for those they care for. Our in-house lab works closely with all aspects of dental practices and knows how to collaborate effectively with dentists who have highly customized needs for their patients.

Our Work

Your patients deserve the best, and that is what we offer.

6 Front Teeth

Front Teeth

Front Teeth

4 Front Teeth

4 Front Teeth

2 Laterals

Canines and Laterals

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How else can we help you smile?

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Our vision is very simple:


"To provide your patients with the highest quality of custom-shaded cases."


Finding quality lab work can be tricky in our current market for dentists. Haven Aesthetics provides a high-end and cost-effective solution for all your cosmetic needs. 

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